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We asked: “How can we get you to build wealth in Real Estate Investments?”

The answers were clear:

1. I don’t know how

2. I need help to set it up

3. I don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for “Courses”

Based on that, we created The Tilford Investment Club

* Here we provide you with step-by-step training sessions, first to get you started with no delay, after that to grow your skills.

* You are a member of the community where you can ask any question and where you can find buyers and sellers.

* As you grow your knowledge you will get a badge to indicate that you are a “Pro”.

Together we are more successful and have more fun while we grow our wealth!

Welcome to the Tilford Investment Club!

Welcome To Our Growing Community


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As a member of the Tilford Investment Club I get to build REI Revenue Streams together with new friends. Love it!
Steve B
I cant find any other Club that teaches me how to make Real Estate profits while spending time with the members. I'll be here for a very long time!
Sarah N

We Get Trained and Invest In Real Estate Together

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