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Become a member of the Business 100X Growth Club and participate as a shareholder when we launch passive income operations, while enjoying luxury events with your fellow members. Apply to become a member, Note: The first 1,000 members gets 90% off and pays only $75 for a full year (ordinary membership fee is $750/year). Start enjoying a growing community of like-minded individuals!

$75/Yr For Founding Club Members, 90% off!


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Member fees are donated to Non-Profits and managed by HeartGlobal Ltd!

As a member of the B100X Growth Club I get to build Passive Revenue Streams together with new friends. Love it!
Steve B
I cant find any other Club that makes me make passive money and spend time with the members at the same time. I'll be here for a very long time!
Sarah N

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The Club

Instantly Full Access To Our Business X100 Growth Club.

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Act now and become a Founding Member and with 90% off the yearly fee!

Passive Income Streams

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Whenever you are available, take part of our Exclusive Club Events!

Learn New Skills

Join our Club Training Sessions and Guest Speakers to be in the know regarding new trends.

New Connections

Through our Community, through new connections, you will grow your Business and Wealth. Don't miss out!

$75/Yr For Founding Club Members, 90% off!


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Member fees are donated to Non-Profits and managed by HeartGlobal Ltd!

At the Business 100X Growth Club, we have one focus: to enrich our lives with ever-growing wealth while indulging in the finest luxuries. Life shouldn’t be confined to relentless work, consuming a hundred hours per week. It should be a worthwhile experience, something we eagerly anticipate every day. It’s a life where we relish the company of friends and loved ones, making time for our passions and interests. But how do we achieve this ideal lifestyle?

Membership in the club comes with a small fee of $75/year (normal fee is $750 but for the first 1000 members we have reduced it with 90%), as we believe in active participation. We can’t have an overwhelming number of passive members who show no interest in engaging. We want individuals who are eager to actively partake in one or more of our income-generating avenues. By joining the club, you become a valued member of a community that empowers and supports your financial goals.

So, what exactly do we do? We establish specialized passive revenue centric companies that cater to specific areas of interest. You can explore some of them below. As a member, you can simply observe as a spectator, but instead, we encourage you to get involved. Choose at least one income generating company and become an early shareholder (we are talking about very small fees to engage, see example below). By doing so, you directly benefit from the revenues that are generated by that company. If the company succeeds, you’ll reap the financial rewards. However, if it fails, you won’t make any money. The success of these ventures lies in the hands of every member involved, as we collectively strive to build profitable passive money making machines.

You’ve probably heard of the concept of passive income and get-rich-quick schemes. However, we are not here to sell you a fake dream for thousands of dollars, leaving you to fend for yourself. Instead, we offer a thriving community where your ambitions are embraced. If you aspire to build your wealth and gain knowledge about making money work for you, increasing your capital and overall happiness, then you’ve found the right place. Welcome to the club!

To become a shareholder (whenever you decide to), you will need to make a small investment. However, the amount required is minimal. Just like the community membership fee is $75, the investment will be small for the companies we fund. The exact amount will vary based on the number of shareholders and the initial financial needs of the company at the time of your entry. When we launch a company, the initial founders might invest around $500 for 2% —a modest contribution. By taking on smaller launch oriented tasks, these shareholders will be the action takers to build up these lucrative passive income ventures.

As the companies grow, we will issue new shares. For an investment of $500, you might initially receive a 5% stake in the company. In subsequent share issues, your ownership might decrease to 0.5% for the same investment amount. If the company experiences rapid growth, your stake could even reduce to 0.01% for $500. The choice of when and how much business building you want to participate in.

Types Of Passive Revenue Businesses We Will Engage In

Building Passive Income With Friends

Now, let’s dive into the various companies we have in store for you. Some are simple, while others are more advanced, catering to a diverse range of interests and revenue streams.

Expanding Our Ventures for Different Member Categories

As we continue to flourish at the Business 100X Growth Club, we believe in catering to the diverse needs and aspirations of our members. With that in mind, we have developed specialized operations for each category of members, ensuring that everyone can find opportunities aligned with their interests and expertise.

Category 3 members, boasting five or more years of business experience and a proven track record of success, have their eyes set on building generational wealth alongside like-minded individuals. In this category, we focus on negotiating and acquiring businesses with zero down payment through seller financing. Let’s explore some examples of what we can achieve together:

A. We identify two companies that are up for sale and strategically merge them, increasing their overall value. After the successful merger, we sell these companies to Private Equity firms, generating substantial returns.

B. We purchase a company at its asking price or even higher and structure a payment plan spanning over five years. By the time we exit, the company’s value would have multiplied tenfold, ensuring a lucrative outcome for all involved.

C. We target strong brands that possess outdated technology and merge them with lesser-known companies boasting the latest tech advancements. Through this synergy, the newly formed company experiences rapid growth in sales and market capitalization.

Moving on to Category 2 members, this group comprises individuals with business experience and a solid foundational understanding of running a company. Within this category, we provide comprehensive support through our community meetings. Here are some ventures specifically tailored to meet their needs:

Land flipping: We engage in the strategic buying and selling of land, utilizing seller/buyer financing or dividing land to increase its value. Additionally, we explore various revenue-generating possibilities, such as developing parking spaces, storage facilities, mobile parks, camping sites, cabins for Airbnb, and more. Land acquisition is relatively simple, as many owners are eager to part ways with their property due to yearly taxes and lack of personal need. With the right approach, we can establish a $5 million per year operation, minimizing the operational tasks for the owners.

Selling digital products on Etsy: This is an excellent entry point for our community beginners. We leverage the rapid growth and simplicity of launching digital products on Etsy, reinvesting revenues into advertising to scale the shop and achieve six-figure sales per year. The profit margins are exceptionally high since the products are digital.

Building a robust sales funnel using social media and third-party platforms: This operation requires a combination of Category 1 and Category 2 members. We focus on generating a significant volume of emails by offering an enticing free product through an opt-in page. These emails serve as a platform to promote high-ticket products and generate affiliate revenues.

Additionally, we are developing another Category 1 operation centered around creating compelling content on LinkedIn. Leveraging the expertise of our shareholders, we produce highly niche-focused content and work towards automating the process. We plan to offer courses based on niche expertise, always ensuring our value exceeds expectations. As our subscriber base grows, we will introduce affiliate programs and expand our course offerings. Our target is to achieve $10 million in annual revenues within three years.

Finally, we recognize the allure of cryptocurrencies and the ever-evolving landscape of trading bots. In a Category 2 operation, we leverage the latest AI technology and deep knowledge of the cryptocurrency ecosystem to generate high profitability with minimal risk. By harnessing trading bots capable of making thousands of decisions per second, we position ourselves for success. This operation is tailor-made for individuals passionate about both crypto and innovative tech solutions.
We will introduce additional passive income based operations as our community grows but above are great examples on where we want you to start earning considerable passive income.

Take the Next Step and Join Our Engaging Community!
Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey? It’s time to take action and apply for membership in our growing community. Simply HERE here to start the process. Based on your responses, we will assign you to one of our three categories. As you become more involved in our businesses, we will ensure that you are placed in the category that best matches your current level of engagement. Rest assured, there are no additional charges for any category. The annual membership fee remains at $50, providing you access to all the benefits we offer.

Our goal is to bring you together with experienced members who can help accelerate your growth. By participating in our ventures alongside these exceptional individuals, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and progress at a rapid pace. We believe in fostering a supportive and collaborative environment where members can flourish together.

$75/Yr For Founding Club Members, 90% off!


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Member fees are donated to Non-Profits and managed by HeartGlobal Ltd!

Remember when we mentioned enjoying a life of luxury and savoring the finer things? That’s not just a lofty promise. We organize incredible luxury experiences, and a portion of the profits generated from our operations is dedicated to these events. If you prefer to indulge in luxury on your own terms, that’s perfectly fine too. You have the option to trade these events for cash. You are at the heart of our community, and the choice is yours.

It’s time to take the decision and sign up to become a member of Business X100 Growth Club! We are eagerly anticipating your arrival as we embark on this exciting journey together.

Best regards,
GM Robert

$75/Yr For Founding Club Members, 90% off!


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